Cloutank M3 Features

Push Self Cleaning / Herb Remixing Functions , Pyrex Glass tank , Detachable Chamber just to name a few!

Power to the Vapers!

The cloutank m3 atomizer & full vaporizer kit are an excellent way to enjoy your dry herbs or wax. While much more healthier than combusting cigars , the cloutank m3 is also much more efficient maximizing your precious herbs while delivering a rich super enjoyable vaporizing experience


Rated the #1 Dry herb atomizer in the industry , The cloutank m3 is a revolutionary new dry herb atomizer sporting features like self cleaning and herb remixing , no more taking apart your atomizer every time you need to move your herbs around or clear debris.

Battery life

The all new Cloutank m3 full vaporizer kit by cloupor is the ultimate solution for dry herb vaporizing, bundled with the powerful cloutank f1 510 thread battery sporting features such as over current protection and led power level indicators , the cloutank F3 + F1 Make for the perfect pair!

The Cloutank M3

Welcome To your only Source for the Official cloutank m3 atomizer & cloutank m3 complete kit vaporizer set mastering the very latest in dry herb vaporizer technology as well as the capability for wax use as well with a simple change of coils. Cloupor has engineered the perfect 2 in one dry herb and wax atomizer set that includes everything you will ever need in one complete kit! Rated the best dry herb atomizer available the cloutank m3 kit features the cloutank m3 atomizer , cloutank f1 battery sporting led battery indicators and over current protection , cleaning tools , manual and charger , everything you need to start enjoying your herbs the way they were meant to be enjoyed! The cloutank M3 and F1 are both 510 threaded meaning they can be swapped and exchanged on a wide variety of other 510 batteries and peripherals , coupled with the ability to swap cloutank dry herb or wax coils the cloutank m3 one of the most versatile herbal vaporizer options available to date. Constructed of medical grade steel and pyrex glass the unique design allows the mouthpiece to be pressed down rearranging the herbs without having to remove the tank and clearing spent debris. If you enjoy herbal aromatherapy and are searching for a complete dry herb or wax premium built easy to use solution you simply can’t go wrong with the Cloutank m3 set by cloupor.

Is the Cloutank for you?

If your looking for a premium dry herb vaporizer setup thats not only easy to use & clean but also sleek and portable than look no further than the cloutank m3 complete dry herb kit. With the cloutanks unique features and 510 threading allowing for complete customization you simply can’t go wrong. The cloutank m3 offers twice the features of the competition at a price anyone can afford making it a no brainer to any vapor enthusiast or newcomers alike. We offer full customer support on the cloutank m3 should you ever need replacement parts , backup batteries , tips , how tos or just advice on how to properly use your m3 don’t worry we have you covered! Make sure that you purchase your cloutank kits from authorized dealers only to insure you receive authentic sets and replacements. If your in the market for a dry herb vaporizer solution and are seeking the very best the industry has to offer than the cloutank m3 is defiantly for you!

Some Prices of our Cloutank Sets

All sets Ship with Free 2-3 Day First class Shipping!

Cloutank M3 Atomizer


Atomizer Set Only

  • Self Cleaning
  • Dry herb & wax Functions
  • Full Atomizer set + 2x Coils

M3 Vaporizer Kit


Complete M3 Kit

  • Multiple Functions
  • M3 Atomizer + F1 Battery
  • #1 Dry Herb vaporizer Kit

The M3 Kit offers the only Dry herb vaporizer on the market with the ability to self remix herbs , self cleaning as well as automatic battery damage prevention functions, if your looking for a Dry herb solution choice the M3 certainly will not disapoint!

Of course, the Cloutank m3 has many innovative safety features like short circuit prevention and automatic cuttoff features when the battery is being engauged for too long , preventing damage & battery failure. For more usage tips be sure to check your Cloutank manual and practice safe usage as well as proper storing and cleaning.

The cloutank m3 atomizer like the f1 cloutank battery are both 510 threaded meaning they can be interchangeable with a very wide selection of other batteries or atomizers depending on preference. If you would like to use your own Battery unit with the cloutank m3 than purchasing the atomizer alone would be the best deal for you however if you are starting from nothing or would like your M3 paired with a cloutank battery as well than the complete M3 kit is exactly what you need, packaged with the m3 atomizer , cloutank f1 battery , manuals and chargers the complete m3 set has everything you need in one kit!

The Cloutank m3 has dry herb as well as wax coils allowing the ability to switch them out and enjoy either dry herbal substances or waxy oily substances all from the same atomizer!

The Cloutank m3 uses the most popular threading embraced by the industry the 510 thread. There is a wide variety of 510 threaded attachments available from many popular 3rd parts ranging from Tanks , Ce4/Ce5 attachments , dry herb chambers and more , changing attachments is a breeze simply twist , remove current attachment and twist back on the desired new attachment, thats it, its that easy!

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Yes! we have multiple custom skin options available for the cloutank f1 battery from custom characters and designs